Office Cleaning

Keep Your Working Place in Pristine Condition With Professional Office Cleaning Services in Auburn, ME

Keeping your office clean will speak grandly about your business, keep your employees happy, and it will keep morale and productivity at high levels! With the far-reaching office cleaning services provided at Emerald Janitorial Services, you will have offices so clean that working there will be a pleasant experience! The janitorial team at Emerald Janitorial Services will tackle an all-inclusive office cleaning checklist that includes: mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, and everything else needed to provide you a complete office cleaning service.

Clean Office = Increased Productivity & Morale

Working in a pristine environment is pleasant for everyone. Some of the significant advantages of keeping your office clean include:


  • Giving your clients an excellent impression
  • Keeping your employees happy
  • Increase your productivity levels
  • Safeguard everyone’s health

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Unlike most office cleaning companies, Emerald Janitorial Services has over 4 decades worth of experience cleaning offices. During these years, the janitorial team at Emerald Janitorial Services has gone above and beyond to meet all the demands of each customer! Call today at (207) 530-8890 and get an Emerald clean office! Don’t settle for less than the best and team up with a true professional janitorial company.

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